Friday, November 9th, 2007

Quiet in the Library

119.jpgI got yelled at today. By a librarian no less. Apparently the Enoch Pratt Free Library only allows patrons to renew materials once. I understand, there are a finite number of books and everyone is clamoring for them but give me a break. The circulation desk told me I had already renewed my books and that I’d have to get special permission from the department before I could take them out again. So I go ask the librarian. She looks taken aback and tells me she’ll need to check the shelves. She goes off I guess to check how many other digital photography books are on the shelves while I wait and try to keep the remaining librarians from eating Chase alive. She comes back and tells me that she’ll let me renew them one last time but, now get this, that if I think I need to renew them again not to ask because I’ll have had the books for 4 months (which was inaccurate) and other people want them. My first thought was that no, I wasn’t just admonished by a librarian and that she was just kidding but no, she wasn’t.

I think it was worth it though to get my three books for another three weeks. I just this week finally got to thumb through one of them. My goal is to consistently take better shots of Chase as opposed to just randomly taking pictures. This is one of the first. I incorporated a couple of tips I took from one of the books and I think they worked. So far so good.

Tomorrow I’m ditching my library friends for a law school mommies playgroup that someone is hosting nearby. I’m bringing blondies. I just took them out of the oven. I’m afraid to cut them because some crumbs might fall of and I might taste them and then god only knows what could happen. I might have to wake up and make another batch in the morning. Dang! They are good. Can’t talk, blondie. Mmmmm… blondie.

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