Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Death & Taxes

mad-baby.jpgYou see how mad she is? When the mail carrier comes on Monday she’s going to look at my outgoing mail and shake her head because three, count ’em, three envelopes are going out addressed to to director of finance of Baltimore City. Whoever he is is a real bastard I tell you. I don’t mind paying the surtax that covers trash collection and the like in our neighborhood but when I have to write that check on the same day I pay two, yes two, parking tickets I start to feel a little bitter!

I tried to placate myself by spending my Amazon gift certificate. I ordered a treat for me and a treat for baby Chase. I’m starting to feel Christmas frenzy and what better time to start than tonight? This will be here for baby Chase in a few days. Megablocks is headquartered in Montreal you know, so gotta support. She’ll have to have these too. I would have ordered them tonight but Amazon proper doesn’t stock them and the other retailers are running that ‘scam’ where shipping costs as much as the selling price. I just don’t buy that it costs 5 bucks to ship 24 crayons by regular parcel post. I’ll check Child’s Play for them. I bet they carry them.

Would you believe I didn’t even touch my camera today? I know, for shame. But we were pretty busy. Costco in the morning and then lunch, Target, and then one last stop by Nad and Jae’s for a little visit. Chase is sound asleep again, out like a light she is.

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