Saturday, November 10th, 2007

Two Things I’ve Put Off All Night

pursed-lips.jpgWriting this post and paying bills. I don’t know why I can’t bring myself to take care of these two small tasks but they are seriously plaguing me. Instead of doing either of those two things I’ve been sitting here reading other people’s posts. Sigh, if only I wasn’t such a terrible procrastinator.

Today was long. Not a bad day, just long. We went to our play date and it was great. We sat around and yakked and the babies played and Chase loved it because she was the oldest and biggest and she could boss all the little babies around. Then she sat at the table while we ate and quietly gnawed her piece of bread while we gossiped. You could just see her sucking it all in. Oh, so that’s how you talk crap, noted!

The reason the day was so long was that we were just over at someone’s house nearby and all of Chase’s napping for the day consisted of what she was able to get in on the ride home, ten maybe fifteen minutes. By the time dinnertime rolled around I was ready to cry at the thought of having to cook. We ended up going to Papermoon Diner. I can’t believe it has taken us so long to get around to trying this place. It’s so close by and it was just great. It was warm and cozy, you just can’t beat the atmosphere in this place. Unfortunately, their website is Flash but you should still check out the pictures all the same. They had cool stuff all over. Chase was all over the place pointing… mommy look, mommy look. She points at what she sees and then points and me and back at what she’s looking at to make sure I look too. It’s pretty cute.

We also checked out AA Asian Market out on Security Boulevard. It was nice and bright and clean just like the pictures promised and cheap just like the little old Asian lady I met at Safeway said it would be. I got all the fixins I’ll need to make the recipes I had lined up. Chase had a good time there but as I sit here typing I realize that I never took her to look in the tanks of fish. Too bad, she really would have liked that. She loves the fish at the library. Now I feel bad, I’ll have to remember to do that next time.

We passed two little kids shopping with their mother. The little girl says hi, my name is B and turns to her brother and says and this is C, what’s your baby’s name. So I tell her, Chase. The little boy looks at me all crazy-like and says, Chase? That’s not a name that’s something you do. You should call her Larry. That just really tickled me. Something tells me one day that little boy will get a pet and regardless of whether it’s sex, will name it Larry an no amount of persuading will convince him that it’s a bad idea.

The only quasi-productive thing that I did tonight was finish one of the many projects on my not-fun-chore-list. I finished the little curtain thing that conceals the underside of the seat platform in the movie room. It doesn’t look as stark anymore I suppose. I have to work on getting it up properly in the morning but the dry run went pretty well.

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