Sunday, November 11th, 2007


bunnygirl.jpgI wanted to title this ‘the least productive day ever’ but that woulnd’t be entirely true. ‘One of the least productive days ever’ would have been closer.’ I hate the way nothing gets done on Saturday and you say, oh, that’s ok because I still have a whole day tomorrow. That’s too much pressure for a Sunday and let’s face it, it never comes to fruition. The bathrooms aren’t cleaned, the laundry is half done and I’ve done reading for exactly one class this week. I try not to get down about it but it stinks. I did however manage to pay bills, groceries and various other errands. I can spend a hundred bucks, or two, or three like nobody’s business. It’s like those stores where you know that no matter what you go in and buy it will all total fifty dollars. That how it is for me. Any given shopping excursion will run my a hundred bucks which is why weeks where I have to make more than one trip out are scary. Strangely though, if I combine trips all on the same day- as a part of the same excursion then they’ll all add up to a hundred bucks together. It’s sort of safer that way. Sort of.

I was in Target today looking at the kids slippers. They had cute ones like elmo and bunny slippers but I cannot for the life of me figure out how you are supposed to get them on a child’s foot. I tried everything to get one of those bad boys on Chase and it just wasn’t happening. I stuffed and tugged and begged and pleaded while she watched between the cart and the handle and laughed hysterically at my antics. I never succeeded and so all the cute elmos stayed in the store. But look who did follow us home:


He is super cute. I hid it good so Chase won’t find it before Christmas. His tag says please look after this bear. She’s gonna love it I can already tell.  I guess this is the next logical step.

I did a good bit of cooking I suppose. Made our cookie time cookies, finally got around to making my wonton soup, and dinner of course. Ben made biscuits too so we had a pretty homemade day. Last night I made a lasagne so we’ll have that again in a day or so. I’m defrosting a pork shoulder and a boneless leg of lamb to do a couple more make ahead-huge quantity meals. Pulled pork will also make enchiladas, tacos and/or burritos and I’ve been wanting to try this lamb recipe for a while that should freeze nicely. I also have some ground beef that I need to use or freeze. If I don’t get to cincinnatti chili tonight into the freezer it goes.

As for the wonton soup, it was glorious. The flavor was rich and it was everything I hoped it would be and that lately takeout has not been. I froze the rest for easy eating at a later point.

Maybe tonight I won’t be stupid enough to stay up until well after midnight.

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