Thursday, November 15th, 2007

Pig Pickin’

dsc_0071.jpgIt all started last night with a dry rub. Then a long day of low and slow roasting. We started the actual pickin’ around 6:30 and haven’t stopped yet. We decided to skip dessert and to have sandwiches instead. I made coleslaw and I thought it turned out well. I really think that coleslaw is hit or miss so I’m always skeptical. I didn’t even use a recipe for it. I didn’t really have the ingredients for coleslaw so I figured why bother with all the trouble of a recipe.

A couple we’re friends with offered us the chance to pick up their CSA share while they’re out of town. One share entitles you to eight picks of whatever they have for the week. This late in the season there wasn’t that much to choose from but we got some squash, parsely, kale and spinach. I had a few picks left. I knew I already had serrano peppers and I didn’t feel like I wanted any green peppers but instead of picking the cabbage (that I could have used for slaw) I inexplicably chose overgrown radishes that were big as beets. however, I had some napa cabbage leftover from my noodle soupscapades so I used that and managed to use one of the overgrown radish-beets grated in to the slaw. It turned out well considering my early attempts at sabotage. Now to figure out what to do with the rest of the veg. We have about 10 pounds of bacon in the fridge so the kale will be easy.

Let’s see, what else happened today. Well tomorrow’s my day off but I’m worried about leaving the house. I may have earned myself some bad karma today. I have to say that I think my actions were totally justified but you just never know. First, at the grocery store I told a guy with one item that he could not get in front of me with my twenty one items. In my defense, I picked one of the two regular lines as opposed to the four express lines that they had open at 9:00pm for people buying cookies and soda, then I waited behind to freshmen who were evidently roommates as they tried to split their order between two credit cards evenly. As they were wrapping up the guy says hey, do you mind if I get in front of you. I told him no, I’ve been waiting and have to get home just like you did you try an EXPRESS lane? I mean honestly, is that wrong? One item? Don’t purposefully get in the regular lane and then try to get in front of people. Then I took the last parking spot on the street in front of my neighbor’s house just as he pulled up. I mean I didn’t steal it or anything but it felt a little underhanded and slimy. Just a little but my trunk was full of soda.


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