Saturday, November 17th, 2007


dsc_0027.jpgI finally finished it. This is seriously like a 2 hour project that took me two weeks or more to complete. I was so happy and excited that I took pictures without cutting threads or pressing but you get the point. So, remember what I was saying about old t-shirts? Now every time I put this one on her I’ll get a little misty because I’ll be thinking about how all too soon Chase will be calling me from school to tell me she’s spending the weekend at a friend’s house in Jersey but instead will be flying as far south as US Air will take her and then riding the dog the rest of the way to Key West. Sigh… and only yesterday the only word she knew was hi!

So I made the pattern based on a bib that we already have at home and drew it onto a paper bag. I found some plastic sheeting that I’ve been saving so I’m going to transfer the pattern to that. The sheeting will make for a better pattern because I’ll be able to center it over a design much more easily that with the paper I was using. The backing is soft white terry. Looking at the pictures, i might make some plain terry bibs if I have fabric that’s nice enough to show off just as the bias tape. I got the idea for the bias tape from an old issue of Martha Stewart but curses, I ripped the pages out of the magazine so now I don’t know which issue it was. Making the bias tape was by far the most difficult part of the project as I’ve never done it before. It wasn’t so hard that I won’t do it again though because the results are well worth the effort and I’m sure it gets easier with practice. Not to mention that Viking is having a big sale for T-day AND I have a coupon so I think I’m going to splurge and get the special presser foot that makes applying bias tape a snap. The problem is that I’ll have to brave JoAnn’s on a Saturday.

I’m so pleased without how this turned out that I have half a mind to go wake Chase up and make her pose for pictures… but I’ll wait until tomorrow. I can’t tell you how much I’m loving this computerized machine. I used to struggle with tension and stitch length when moving between stitches and this machine just ‘knows’ what to do. I love it.

Somehow today I had time to do some reading online AND to read the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. Now I’m all itchy to get crackin’ on some new projects. I went into the crawl space and pulled out some of my stash and it seems I have a lot in there to work with. I’ve started making a list of things I’ll need. First and foremost I need somewhere to put ths stuff. That’s when I got the idea to store my fabric stash in vintage suitcases. We all suited up right away for a trip to some of the junk shops on the avenue and a Friday night stroll but that didn’t turn anything up. Well, that’s not entirely true I found an awesome set of three perfect suitcases- exactly what I was looking for but at $185 for the set I think I’m going to have to go a bit more DIY. In all fairness that was an “antiques” store. I’ll have to check out a few more places tomorrow. I’m also on the hunt for a restaurant style napkin dispenser. We couldn’t find one of those either but I did almost come home with an oversize novelty Garfield alarm clock.


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