Sunday, November 18th, 2007


dsc_0028.jpgSo where to begin? Such a busy day! You know we always try to hit the ground running on Saturday mornings. We left for the farmer’s market at like 9:30 and it was already a mad house. I guess that’s because Thanksgiving is upon us and everyone was out buying celery and sage. I went for apples… oh, we got apples alright. The sign said, ‘this is our last day at this market and to end the season half bushels are on sale!” Half bushels, mind you I went thinking I would buy a half peck. The lady talked me into the half bushel doing the math on how much it worked out to per pound. Do you have any idea how many apples are in a half bushel? Many, there are many apples in said half bushel. I had to cram the giant sac of apples into the basket under the stroller and then push the thing now doubled in weight back through the throngs of people. We ate three apples tonight between the three of us (more dumplings!). Three down like 80 to go. Apparently there are forty something pounds of apples in a bushel so I guess I have 20 something pounds up in the kitchen. Any ideas?


We left the market and went right to JoAnn’s. I wanted to beat the throngs there. It’s the last day of their veteran’s day sale so I wanted to redeem my coupons. I got the bias tape applicator foot with a swell discount from the Viking center and picked up a couple of yards of some clearanced cotton with a cute little print on it. I picked up a couple of patterns at 2 bucks a pop too. I added them to ‘the box.’ I realized when I got home that the patterns were “made by wendy” patterns. I just read about her recently I guess she has a new book out. I’m going to have to check it out I guess. Even though the clothes are kind of trendy now I’m not worried about not getting to them in time because I love the look, always have, and don’t think that it’s a love affair to be broken any time soon. They remind me of the clothes from Anthropologie. My favorite store that I can’t afford to shop in. The catalog positively makes me salivate. I don’t even know why they send it to me. They must be checking my credit report before wasting paper on me, no? I also picked up two patterns for Chase but here are the ones I got for myself:

We stopped by the thrift store too and that’s where the real finds were. I know why I cut the thrift store completely out of my life. It’s a dangerous place. Two dollars here, a dollar there, a trunkful of junk treasures later your just that much poorer. However, here’s what we found..


I don’t know which item I love the most (baby Chase excepted). I’m going to paint the little house shaped curio but then what? My original intent was to hang it on the wall to display stuff in Chase’s room but could is be used as a little doll house? The chair is awesome. I was just looking at one somewhere the other day but you couldn’t beat the price I got today (Saturday is 50% off on furniture) with a stick. Ok, I think the canisters are my fav. They’re sitting on my desk holding various sewy-crafty type things. Little bits of ribbon, my cutting implements, extra machine needles and two seam rippers that always seam (ha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) to go missing at the most inopportune moments.

For dinner I made a rif on lamb you can eat with a spoon. I finally defrosted and cooked the boneless leg of lamb that was languishing in the deep freeze (thanks Rob & Anny!) It was pretty good. I say it was a rif on because well I didn’t actually have any of the ingredients called for but it’s really just a technique right? We were all satisfied with the results anyway. I reduced down the sauce some after it came out of the oven and served it along side roasted potatoes. My original intention was to serve it with polenta but I forgot at the last minute. Maybe I’ll reheat the leftovers and serve it that way.

I’m just taking a break from preparing for my oral argument Monday so back to work with me. Here are a few more pictures of the chair and Chase with the bib on.


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