Monday, November 19th, 2007

Gonna Break A Leg

1118.jpgI’ve done a minimal amount of work on bib project #2. I’m supposed to be working on tomorrow night’s argument and had to bake blondies for Ben’s potluck tomorrow so there was not much time. It’s ready to go whenever I am though and that’s enough to keep me going for a little while. I have the front and back cut but I have yet to determine a fabric to use as trim. I have to get in there and dig through my stash a little.

Not much went on around here today. We got a few less hi’s today. The last couple of days it’s been hi! Hi! Hi! Pretty much all day. It seems the novelty is wearing off. I suspect she’ll be on to her next word wanting to conquer that too pretty soon. Well, off to bed for me. I have to go sample the blondies to make sure that they’re edible and put in a last minute effort into beefing up my daily caloric intake right before bed so it will be too late to burn them off.  I’ll check in tomorrow after I crush my opponent in this argument (positive thinking ya know).

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