Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Content Contentment

dsc_0001.JPGI think a number of things have contributed to the craptastic posts I’ve been making for a while now. Sometimes I try recipes, take pictures and then just lose track of reporting back about it. Sometimes I start ten projects at once and never finish any of them so there’s nothing to talk about there either. Sometimes I’m too bashful to really post in-depth about what I’ve been doing because even though I read other blogs for inspiration who honestly gives a crap about Christmas stockings? Particularly when this isn’t a blog particularly devoted to any one topic ie: cooking or crafting or what have you. That being said, the posts remain craptastic so I’m going to do my best to create more carefully composed and thoughtful content.

Today was a great day. Great days seem to happen now and again but it’s not reliable. Chase slept from 7:30 until 8:00 without making a single peep all night. Then even though she refused to take her morning nap, instead of fighting we all bundled up and drove to Barnes and Noble. Not the one that’s 8 blocks away but rather the one in Towson that takes 20 minutes to get to. No matter, she slept the whole way there and another 30 minutes in the store. We had sandwiches and read magazines and played in the kids’ section. By the time we headed home Chase was worn out and happily went down for an hour and half for her afternoon nap. While she napped I was finally able to attend to the kitchen and powder room which were both plaguing me.

I finally got around to making Cincinnatti chili after craving it for only 3 or 4 weeks. It was good but will be better tomorrow. I can’t wait for the leftovers. If you haven’t already tried chili this way it’s a must, MUST! It’s so good. I used to bring it to work and everyone (that would be the two other non-vegetarians that worked there at the time :) ) would tell me how good it smelled. The chili was pretty spicy so I made chase some pastina and spinach with a little parmesan (an idea I got from another local mommy). She ate it all up like a big girl. She is getting so good at feeding herself and is sharp as a little tack. She crawled over to the laundry basket and found one of my socks that had fallen out, reached for it and put it on her foot. Not on her foot but on top of it. The point is she knew it was a sock AND knew what to do with it. Clever girl.

The day almost took a nose dive at bed time. We had to fight a little over sleepy time tonight but it was fine in the end. All in all a great day all around. It would be great to have more of them but then I guess I wouldn’t know how great they were when I had them. I’ll settle for regular 4 day weekends. They don’t all have to be great that way and everyone’s happy.

I started cutting Chase’s quilt. I’ll work on it bit by bit I guess over the next several weeks. The size I want to make to fit her crib requires a whole boatload of cutting so I don’t think I’ll be at the piecing stage anytime soon. Not until after finals anyway. I’ll probably spend some time tomorrow putting up the Christmas tree. I’m a little worried about it though because this is a project that could precipitate a trip to Costco. It would be an unscheduled trip and that’s what signals danger. The thing is that’s where we got the lights and I’m pretty sure we’re going to need an extra strings. I also already popped my popcorn for garland. I wasn’t going to string popcorn this year but then I saw this and decided to do it anyway. I have a big bag of cranberries in the fridge anyway so this will be a good way to use them up.


My big project today I accomplished during Chase’s afternoon nap. The dogs love dog beds. They have to have beds in every room that they might want to nap in, namely whatever room we’re in at any given moment. We have a bunch scattered upstairs but none in the basement. I fashioned an old sleeping bag into a nice plush and comfy quilted bed for the little guys. They really like it. Correction, they really like it when it’s stationed 12 or so inches from the radiator. Still, it looks a lot better than an old sleeping bag thrown in the corner. If I can find some floss I might make it all fancy like and do a blanket stitch around the edge. We tackled a couple of other lingering projects. I put up some stuff in the kitchen and Ben changed the lightbulbs, it’s now the cheeriest room in the house. Ben started putting the moulding up in the basement. It’s awesome. It makes a huge difference and makes the room look very ‘finished’.

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