Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

A Pretty Good Birthday Present

cuteness.JPGAh, to be done with classes. So liberating and just in time. I was good until like 8:30 that was my absolute limit and after that I just couldn’t concentrate anymore. I bought myself a little treat. I picked up this compilation of little ditties on an impulse today because we have no Christmas music to speak of in this house. Scrooge Ben won’t let me listen to it yet but I have it at the ready. Jack Johnson AND Aimee Mann on the same Christmas CD? I’m all over it.

Over the weekend I posted about time spent at Barnes and Noble. While we were there we picked up a few winter/Christmas themed books for baby Chase. I always loved Ezra Jack Keats Snowy Day. I still do. I love how Peter is just a little boy and the story is just a story with no heavy handed message about race. You can check out what this woman has to say about the topic generally. I totally vibe with some of the stuff she says. To this day I still have not read Philip Hall Likes Me I Reckon Maybe. My parents just over did it. I was bombarded with movies and books I just wasn’t ready to deal with as if with no additional guidance that was enough explanation to help me understand complicated historical issues of race, class and gender. It wasn’t until University that, through numerous courses, I was able to sort of parse is all out and begin to understand. But I digress. This started as a post about Winter and Christmas themed books.

The books we bought were The Snowy Day and Spot’s First Christmas. Ok, so Spot’s First Christmas has no real litereary value but it is a board book with flaps and is wildly popular for that reason. She is ever so gentle with the flaps and loves to peek and see what Spot is doing back there.

Later, I got to thinking there were probably some other books buried on the shelf upstairs. Sure enough a quick search turned up The Snowman The Story and A Grouch’s Christmas. So our little collection grows. After poking around online while writing this I found a new must have. We must have Hi, Cat! It’s too perfect. It’s a little black cat and everything.

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