Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

How I Got So Skinny

how-i-got-so-skinny.JPGNo joke, I’ll never pay good money for 30lb weights. I’m lean and sinewy and people on the street don’t want to mess with me. I started on the garland tonight. In true Stephanie fashion I forgot that I was going to make the strings alternating cranberries and popcorn and made one complete string of popcorn before remembering. No matter, I just did a complete string of cranberries and then finally one alternating. Lather, rinse, repeat I guess that’s the beauty of patterns. They’re anything you make ’em.

The new old timey LED lights look awesome. They were a good ivestment. When the lights in the room are out the metallic balls look pretty good too. Now I just have to get all the special ornaments on. Chase is already really taken with the tree and last she saw it only the lights were on. She’s going to be blown away in the morning. I can only imagine what her reaction will be like Christmas morning. About that, we always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve and I’ve been wrestling with how strongly I feel about maintaining this tradition. You can read more about it here. The process just seems overly complicated and it causes some confusion I suppose.

Tomorrow marks the official end of classes for the semester. Can you see my smile? It stretches from ear to ear.

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