Thursday, November 29th, 2007

28 on the 28th

signatures.JPGOld I say, old! Can you believe it? I never dreamed I’d be 28 in my wildest dreams. It’s ok though, I’m feeling pretty good about it. In spite of the fact that my hair’s all gray and my back aches all the time I’m feeling pretty good. Chase is here, I’m almost done with school, and Ben’s still hanging around in this crap shack we call home. Hmm.. I think I was supposed to enumerate this list last week. I suppose it’s ok as long as you get to being thankful at some point and I am!

I was all set to tell you what we were up to today but I see ‘someone’ saw fit to call me a shopoholic. So now you’ll just have to guess what was in the bag Chase is holding. I can be a baby on my birthday and I still have 20 minutes left. As soon as I’m done with this I’m going to run upstairs and commandeer the remote in the bedroom before Ben has a chance to. mwah haha. I took some pictures of my birthday treats. Flowers and steak and cake. My steak and cake were both delicious. As I swallowed the last bite of tender roasted slab of meat I thought briefly that I shouldn’t be able to put down the same size plate as Ben but the thought was only fleeting. Ben even stood out there and lit the bbq in the freezing cold because I love fire roasted meat. Then I ate two slices of cake. The same cake festooned with trick candles that almost burnt down the whole house when the noise makers caught. I gave Chase some cake too but no icing so there’s still some surprise at her birthday.

I think we’re just about off of baby purees. She has only been wanting table food for a couple of days and is doing really well with whole steamed veg and bits of meat. It’s amazing what two little teeth will do for ya. I can feel a third coming up just beside her middle bottom. Oh and she has learned to.. how to describe this… go blu blu blu with her lip. If you do it first she’ll do it too. I suppose it’s better captured by video but you get the point.


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