Friday, November 30th, 2007

Thrift Bounty! Somebody Stop Me

113007-080049-pm.jpgLet me preface this all by asking why do thrift stores take credit cards? Does that even make any sense? If only they were cash only I wouldn’t get into so much stinking trouble. Anyway, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but had been wanting to go see if there was anything to be had for a while. I should also mention that in the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten rid of the old fireplace insert, all of our old moving boxes and my old sewing machine so that there’s plenty of room for new to me junk all over the place. I have also cracked down on my bowl buying. I only buy the best pyrex designs and only on the high sided bowl not the ones with the handle thingies on the sides.

Ok so here goes…. Some circa 1989 little people toys.. That’s practically 20 years. Does that make them vintage?


I got this box too. It’s like a recipe box except it’s full of craft project instructions. It’s a complete set. It’s the awesomest thing. Each card has complete instructions and pattern guides and they span all sorts of different crafts. I have to find a special place for this.


I wasn’t planning to buy clothes but I saw these for half off their ticketed price and well, what could it hurt to have a little dress for Christmas? It’s all taffeta and crinoline, it’s pretty cute. I like the homeadey look of the other two.


Then of course there’s my precious bowls. Three nesting bowls!


Happily, today was the first day of the library’s annual book sale. It was cutthroat but I got some good stuff and this is just what I got for Chase. I got a bunch of stuff for myself too.

I’m particularly happy with all the Ben titles. They’re very cute. There’s some Patricia Wells in there. I love her illustrations. I found a bonus copy of Just Me and My Dad tucked into another book. I used to really like that series. I found another Sesame Street Christmas title and a French book with cute pictures. Tell me these pictures wouldn’t make great decals on the front of a tiny little apron.


Lastly, I got these together. I didn’t make the baskets, I bought them. As you can see one of the frickin eyes fell off! I have since glued it back on but, grr! I think they’re cute and will make two little girls pretty happy. You can’t see but there’s some disgusting skittles flavored lip stuff in there. Mmmm…



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