Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Several Glasses of a Nice Chianti

standing.JPGLast night was Ben’s office holiday party. It was a great time. Open bar, lots of food, no yankee swap gift exchange… people had a really good time. Chase especially enjoyed herself and during the year end recap presentation thought that everyone was clapping and laughing for her. She was such a trooper. I should have left her at home but it’s supposed to be a family event and it was. How lucky that I had that holiday dress so she could look festive like the grown ups. Last year the event was hosted at a local restaurant but this year they moved it to Maggiano’s. In spite of its being a chain the food and wine were very good. The apps were served buffet style. Dinner was served family style with platters at each table. The menu consisted of spaghetti bolognese, meatballs (of which I found one in my purse well after the fact), ravioli with pesto, chicken picatta, beef medallion on a bed of mashed potatoes. For dessert there was cheesecake and apple crostata. It’s so nice to have people bring you dinner AND to have someone else pay for it. It just wouldn’t be the holidays without th office holiday party. MMmm… remember that year we had two? That was excellent.

Chase is finally standing. She still doesn’t pull up. She pushes herself up. Mostly she uses daddy’s legs but any low box or toy will suffice. This is very exciting. I wonder how many days it will take her to really get cooking. She got new shoes yesterday. I bought her a pair of stride rites with a the nice flexible sole. They’ll be perfect for walking outside. They’re still a little big for now but she needed a pair of not pink shoes to wear with her dress last night. I’m very pleased with them and she loves them to as you can see from last night’s pics. I’m still trying to get some studying done… more tomorrow.

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