Friday, December 7th, 2007

I’m Ready For My Close Up

im-ready-for-my-close-up.JPGI don’t think I mentioned it but I did finish out the whole month of November posting every day. It’s both liberating and a little sad to see it go. It’s hard to keep up the motivation to post everyday when things get crazy. My first exam is behind me and I have another tomorrow. Can you believe that? An exam on a Saturday? That’s unheard of. Next thing you know those heathens will be trying to test us on Sundays too.

It took me a minute to warm up but I think I covered everything I needed to. I tried not to freak out, even though I wasn’t sure I’d prepared enough, left the house without leaving enough time for parking contingencies and without remembering to write down my blind grading ID. Everything was fine though. I forgot classes were over so there was plenty of parking and I had lots of time to set up and get a coke from the machine. Of course I ran into my professor at th vending machines. Oh, he says, is the exam today. Um.. yeah. All in all I feel fine. I don’t have any of that queasiness that comes with knowing you did less than stellar on an exam though I’m pretty sure I neglected to calculate interest on some of the problems I don’t think that will be a deal breaker.

I’ll finish up this post and spend some time covering my material for tomorrow. I’m not killing myself over it. If I haven’t learned it by now I’m not going to learn it all tonight. Besides, criminal procedure is one of those classes where there are so many issues to raise, sides to take and arguments to raise that you just go in guns a blazin’ and shoot at everything hoping you hit… something. You’d think I’d have refined those novice-like tactics by now but I just ain’t had the time. Ok, well maybe I’m exaggerating a little. After all I have several more seasons of Law & Order under my belt now than I did then not to mention the extra episodes from all the spin-offs.

My last word on it is that I got lucky and the case I briefed and argued for my appellate advocacy class turned on 4th amendment issues of search and seizure. If I’m doubly lucky I’ll get similar questions on the exam tomorrow but what are the chances of that?

On to other news, this time around teething is throwing Chase for a little more of a loop than it did last time. I thought she was just working on her next two bottom teeth but after the second or third time she gagged on her little frozen teether thing trying to shove it into the back of her mouth we did a little further investigation and it seems as if she’s also working on some molars back there. I consulted the dreaded Dr. Sears and sure enough molars are listed under teeth to expect between 12 and 18 months.

It’s just something else for me to fixate on. Earlier this week it was solid foods and nutrition but I’ll have to come back to that. Now I have to juggle both. It’s all cucumber sticks and frozen bananas over here these days. Trying to figure it all out is enough to drive a woman mad. Chase is still trying to figure out standing but once she gets up she’s all about cruisin’ on the furniture. It’s quite cute. We were the only people at the library story time today so Chase had Mrs. Perky Bird all to herself. Next week she’ll probably be traumatized when Mrs. Perky Bird tried to kiss the other babies too.

Yesterday I got season one of the Sopranos in from Neflix and started watching. I’m going to watch the whole series straight through. No waiting for new episodes. I swear, tv on DVD is the way to go. I also discovered that Martha has a show on DIY in much the same format as her old show. It’s only crafting but there’s no lame studio audience. It’s on every day at 12. I’m gonna start tivo-ing it. If for no other reason than to have her gently instructive voice on in the background while I straighten up.

Oh, and if you believe it they were giving out free flu shots at the library of all places. I figure, I pay taxes, I like free samples, so I got one. Ben thinks I’m crazy.

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