Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

Three Down

1211.JPGOne to go. I really feel like I should be wrapping this up tonight. I would be you know, but I had to defer one of my exams and the next available date wasn’t until Friday. It’s not like I’m ready for it anyway as I still haven’t even cracked a book or opened my notes from that class. I am so looking forward to putting this semester behind me. Now only that one last exam, that old paper that I have to complete and the bar application loom ahead. Wow, that still sounds scary but I guess it’s not too shabby compared to what was on the list a week ago.

Not much is going on around here. We lowered Chase’s crib down so she wouldn’t fall out as she keeps up the whole trying to stand and walk thing. She’s just very much moving at her own pace. She stands when she feels like it and refuses to sit when she doesn’t want to. She also refuses to nap when she doesn’t want to but that’s another story. My mind is almost completely fired so instead of pretending like I have something to say that will come across intelligibl I shall resort to simply posting some photos. A picture of our holiday spirit which evidently still needs a little tweaking and a detail shot of the cranberry and popcorn garland. Oh, and of course Mrs. Chase-y-kins herself.

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