Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Curried Winter Vegetable Soup

curried-winter-veg.JPG I got a new toy today! No, I didn’t order it from HSN but that’s the only picture of it I could find online. I had to give it a whirl so I made a batch of yummy soup from the farmer’s market veg we bought this morning. We’re supposed to get snow and it’s crazy cold here. I know because by the time we got home from out errands I was chilled to the bone. This was just what we needed to warm up. I was reading about soup earlier this week and it was just the ticket.

2 small onions
1 small head of cauliflower (I used about half of a really big one)
2 medium sized sweet potatoes
1 1/2 Tbsp curry powder
1 32oz box chicken broth
2 or 3 Tbsp plain yogurt
1 wedge of lime
salt and pepper (I used to generous pinches of kosher salt and several grinds of fresh black pepper)

Rough chop the onions and saute them over medium heat while you prepare the veg. Right before dropping in the cauliflower add the curry powder and stir for a minute before adding the veg. Chop or break the cauliflower florets off in large pieces, add to the soup pot with the onions. Peel and cut the sweet potatoes into chunks of roughly the same size as the florets and add to the pot. Add enough broth to just cover the vegetables and season with salt and pepper. Bring the pot to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer until the veg is tender and the kitchen smells awesome.

Using an immersion blender, puree the soup until smooth adding enough additional broth to reach the desired consistency, squeeze in the juice from the wedge of lime. Add 2 or 3 good sized tablespoons of plain yogurt (more if desired) and stir to incorporate. Adjust the seasoning to taste. Garnish with an additional dollop of yogurt.

This recipe makes a lot of soup.. I would say at least 6 servings. The soup is just a little spicy so the tang and coolness of the yogurt is a nice contrast. Even Chase liked it.  Check out angrychicken in my blogroll for more soup-er ideas.  I can’t believe I just wrote that…

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