Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Free As a Bird Now

free-as-a-bird-now.jpgOh, man and does it ever feel good! On top of that, tell me you don’t find this a string of events a little odd. When I got home, Ben had taken Chase to visit a friend so I had the house all to myself, the new issue of Living was in the mailbox and Martha Stewart Crafts was just starting. On top of that, the Golden Girls came on right after that and it was the ‘gawd, I wish I was dead’ episode with Dr. Jonathan Newman. I put on my soybu pyjamas and said aaaaahhh.

I guess you can say I took it easy tonight. We had a quick dinner and then I tackled the dishes that never seem to all get done, did a load of laundry and cleaned the powder room. It’s one of those love hate deals. Who wants to scrub a toilet on their first night of freedom? On the other hand, a clean toilet gives you a great sense of satisfaction. Now to tackle my desk. Which leads me into our to do list tomorrow. Our office space remains unfinished. Though Ben has made some progress with the base moulding we are yet doorless and are suffering from a SERIOUS lack of storage. Ben can’t identify storage problems he complains about clutter but doesn’t seem to get the connection between all the clutter and the fact that there is just nowhere to put this junk. He doesn’t like it when I spend his money on stupid things like drawers and shelves but tomorrow, I’m going to Ikea. Well, tomorrow or Sunday anyway. It has to be done, end of story, I’m putting my foot down! I’ll also probably be able to get napkins and jazz for Chase’s bday party.

So Chase had a little run in with the paparazzi today. Ben said some lady was like your baby… looks so familiar to me… and then realized oh, she’s the catalog baby :D Sure, he was standing in the store that sent out the catalog but she was spotted nonetheless. I count it!

I can’t believe she’s turning one already! She’s just a little baby! Wee, little, just a tiny thing. This has seriously been the fastest year ever and I hear they just keep going faster. People are already asking when we’re going to try for number two but we are as of yet undecided on that subject. There are so many unknown factors at the moment that it’s hard to wrap your mind around much of anything. Am I going to work or not going to work? If I do, as what? Some extension of my current job? A litigator? A pastry chef? Well, not a pastry chef but you get my point. That’s just work related. There are house related questions too. Do we stay or do we go? We’ve been lucky that prices in our neighborhood have been relatively stable and have even increased some. We knew when we bought that we had missed or were right at the tail end of the whole wow, moving back to the city is a steal train but we didn’t know that housing prices were going to tank so quickly thereafter. That being said, do we cut and run and take the tiny bit of equity that we have in the house and buy something for half the price somewhere in the outlying (read: pretty damn far away) area? To buy a new car or not to buy? When is the tv finally going to die? Decisions, decisions.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. She’s looking like a big girl, no?
And just in case you’ve not seen the golden girls clip to which I refer:

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