Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

The Quilt Comes Together

the-quilt.JPGI did all the piecing and laid out all the pieces to see how they would look together. Taking a picture is a great idea not only because it will help me to remember my layout but also because I didn’t notice until I looked at the picture that I had two of the same solid blocks side by side which is a problem that is now fixed.

I have wisely put is aside for the evening because this is the time of night when I make the most mistakes, sew through fingers, break needles and the like. I’ll finish putting it together over the next couple of days I think. I hope it comes together as nicely and easily as it seems to be going but with first time projects you just never really know what lies ahead. I know that no one year old wants a blanket for their birthday but if I get it done that’s exactly what Chase will get. She’s already getting tons of fun stuff for Christmas anyway.

We spent some time at the mall today and I found the cutest shirt for Chase to wear to her birthday party. I am Chase is really excited about the party.

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