Monday, December 24th, 2007

Comfy Cozy Are We

light-show.JPGYesterday we took Chase to see the light show at Macy’s (formerly Hecht’s that was formerly Strawbridges that was formerly Lord and Taylor that was formerly Wannamakers… did I miss any) in Philadelphia. The place was a madhouse, just packed to the gills with kids shoulder to shoulder like sardines. Unfortunately the picture is blurry, there just wasn’t any room to get a shot. She was so thrilled by the lights and music it was great. We’ll probably try to make it a yearly tradition. Maybe next year if I’m good the trip will include a ritzy hotel room for a night. That would be awesome.

So I haven’t wrapped any gifts. I can’t find the wrapping paper. I know that last year I bought three rolls and Costco and stored them… somewhere. I refuse to buy more because I know it’s here but I don’t know how much longer I can wait to find it. Of course, I haven’t actually ‘looked’ for it. I was kind of hoping that I’d just come across it or that I’d have a flashback of where I stashed it last year. I’ll have to try harder tomorrow I’m kind of out of time at this point. I can’t believe Christmas is here already. That means my break it already half over. :(

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