Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry XmasHo, ho, ho! Christmas has come and gone. In spite of all the running we have done over the last couple of days things were pretty low key over here for the holidays. Chase loved her presents and although it seemed like there were only a few puny packages under the tree it takes a long time for a one-year old to open packages.

After opening presents we packed up and drove to Philadelphia to have dinner with Ben’s fam. Chase had a blast with her cousins. I’m always surprised at how kids interact with one another. It’s just fascinating to watch them play. There seems to be some kind of inherent connection between cousins because Chase is usually very reserved with other kids but goes all out kooky-crazy style with her cousins.

We had a good time and got back late with another sackful of gifts. I’m going to have to rotate some toys out because this place is covered in bits and pieces of small things and cards and all kinds of nonsense. None of it can keep me from already looking forward to next year though.

Next, on to birthday festivities.

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