Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Have a Smurfy Day

Chase donned one of her new outfits today. She was all cozy in her warm purple cardi. It poured rain here today which put a damper on the city public works crew’s progress on the sidewalk which includes breaking out concrete for a front garden. I’m just guessing here but it will probably rain tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after so that by the time they get to it there will be just enough time for a deep, deep freeze and it will finally be too late to put in any bulbs. Does that sound about right?

I never did tell you about Chase’ new boots. It’s too bad that they’re so big. I have no problem holding on to them until the time is right but it was so rainy today she was just itching to get her feet into them. The only question is where can I get some vintage smurf?

The MD bar application requires that you have your undergraduate school certify that you graduated and that there’s nothing untoward in your record. I filled out the required form and sent it off with a self-addressed stamped envelope for it to be returned. It came back today… with the school seal and all so it’s official BUT it looks like a 6 year old filled it out. I mean seriously, I doubt that the person that actually signed it did the filling out (that’s what I tell myself to get by anyway) but I seriously question whether I would have signed something that looked like this form did. I have half a mind to scan it in just to show you how sad it was.

Verizon called today. They reminded me that my contract is nearly up and that I should hurry and renew which I (probably foolishly) did. I didn’t get an I phone for Christmas. I mean, I didn’t ask for one but you never know with Ben. So I figure what difference does it make if we have another two years with Verizon? I just hope that the phone that they’re sending me this time will you know, turn on or charge. I did shell out an extra 20 for a car charger because I think that might be key.

It’s only been a day since Christmas but as I reflect on the last week or so I’m amazed at just how much was crammed into it. I just can’t seem to cover all of it, it would just take forever. I should try to get a good slideshow together to cover all of it… hmm, I’ll have to add it to my to-do list as if it’s not already long enough.

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