Friday, December 28th, 2007


1228.JPGI finally got my next two disks in from Netflix. I feel like I should pace myself better this time but we’ve already watched the first two episodes of season two of the Sopranos. I should make Ben give me some of his picks since he’s watching with me even though he swore he wouldn’t. Who can resist? Especially now with the current state of affairs on television, oy! It’s bad. If they’re still striking once I’m done with the Sopranos I’m going to work my way through the wire.

I was wrong about public works. They came back and as promised left a giant gaping hole in the ground in front of our house that we’re now calling a ‘garden.’ Since it was spur of the moment we’re now scrambling to figure out how to build it up and what to plant in it. Ben wants to put a tree in which isn’t a bad idea but what do we know about tree planting? Yet more research to be done. The new hole is probably triple the size of the old one and even though our ‘acreage’ is the size of a postage stamp, the idea of filling the space is daunting nonetheless.

We went to home depot today to try to figure things out. You should really figure things out BEFORE you go to home depot or you can get into a lot of trouble there. It’s funny though, Ben and I have two totally different approaches to shopping there. We’re usually working on different projects so we often split up and collect the items we need separately. My approach is to immediately ask for help enumerating the items on my list and letting an employee collect them while I follow behind with my cart. Ben likes to wander the aisles puzzling over where he might find 5/8″ lag bolts. I always finish first and yet he still refuses to ask for help. Should I just chalk it up to how men and women are different? Why kill yourself hunting all day when you can find some dude to do it for you?

I’m starting to think about painting the dining room too. We decided to hang on to the furniture we’ve got for a little while longer and just boost the color in there a little. It’s the saddest room in the house. It always has been it just doesn’t get any use. I guess that goes for most dining rooms but I feel like this situation is worse because you have to pass through the sad dining room all the time. It’s not like it’s off to the side somewhere. Anyhow, an hour of ‘deciding’ and I still left Sherwin Williams empty handed. It’s going to require a little more thought… and maybe some bookshelves and a rug.

Chase has been eating up a storm lately. She cleaned up at Christmas and was all over dinner tonight. I tend to still be tentative about the things I give her but when she insists, I say let her eat guacamole. I, of course, run everything by my big sis who is much older wiser than I am. I love that she’s eating so well right now and that she’s interested in what I’m eating whatever it might be. Of course, this is especially true of fried rice and Christmas cookies. I learned this yesterday when she cruised over to the coffee table, pulled the cookies over to her and then threw the container onto my lap. I try to keep things balanced but some stuff is just undeniably tasty. It’s also highlighting the deficiencies in our diet and I thought we were doing so well.

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