Sunday, December 30th, 2007


1229.JPGHow come babies and pets only get sick at night and on weekends? I have a serious sneaking suspicion that Chase has an ear infection. Then again I don’t know. I know it’s better safe than sorry but she went to bed tonight no problem and I haven’t heard a peep from her since. My decision was if she couldn’t sleep then off to nighttime pediatrics we would go but she’s been fine so maybe it’s just teething. Why can’t she just tell me what’s bothering her. Meanwhile, teenie is sitting on the couch all glassy eyed with her tongue hanging out and my throat is scratchy and to boot Ben is complaining that his neck is stiff. I’m just going to run some yellow tape around the house and post a big sign you know of a face with X’s for eyes and its tongue sticking out.

We finished disc 1 of season 2 tonight. On two occasions I wondered aloud why you would choose either a hammer or a giant (almost novelty sized) monkey wrench as your weapon of choice? I try to tell myself it’s just television but I grow a little concerned. We indulged in two straight hours of tv watching. Then we felt bad and spent another 20 minutes rationalizing the time we spent, talking ourselves off the ledge and finally arriving at the conclusion that it’s ok to take a break! Frankly, it’s wonderful.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been cooking. I’m afraid I’ve lost my kitchen mojo. I have no ideas, no drive, nothing. I watched a couple of my favs this afternoon on PBS but still nothing. Maybe tomorrow’s line up will tickle my fancy. I went to the grocery store and the most exciting things I got were fixins’ to make chex mix and tuna (because I never buy it). I made this recipe not long ago, a pantry supper, with tuna and lemon and capers and it was really good. I’m thinking that it might be just the ticket to get me back on board. Either that or this which I fear I will have to make someday soon. Two sticks of butter! Mmmm… butter.

Meanwhile, all this talk about food has me feeling a little peckish. I think a little wonton soup is in order.

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