Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Why I Blog

dsc_0011.JPGChelsea put this question to me and I got to thinking… why do I? I remember back when I was totally innocent to the blogosphere. I used to sit behind this girl in comparitive law who subscribed to bloglines and would read and knit under her desk in class everyday. It’s too bad I wasn’t interested then, she was probably cool. In spite of the fact that I have yet to really investigate what bloglines is I have a general grasp of the service even though I don’t use it but that’s beside the point. Back to this girl, I thought she was just using informational type websites for knitting advice but in retrospect she was probably keeping up with other knitters’ projects and possibly even updating her own blog with progress on her own projects as I suspect she finished many and wore them often.

This is all to say that the main reason that I now read other people’s blogs is for inspiration. There are wonderful ideas out there for all kinds of projects either to try or to provide creative fodder for springboarding to some idea of your own.

Of course some blogs I read belong to people I know and it’s nice to keep up with what’s going on with everybody and to know what’s on their minds.

There are other reasons to read a stranger’s blog. I find it’s nice to read blogs created by other similarly situated individuals. It is the web, I suppose, and you never really know what’s authentic but reading about other moms who are busy and still find time to work on creative projects is good virtual support.

I know I’ve been focusing on why I read blogs but I’ll get to the point. Here, in no particular order, are my reasons.

  1. It’s nice to give people credit for their ideas and I’m sure that they like seeing feedback on a recipe or project directions that they’ve provided. They also enjoy the traffic that linking to their site generates.
  2. I hope that one day I’ll have a project idea or recipe that someone will try and like. That would make the whole thing worthwhile :)
  3. It’s like keeping a journal which I don’t do. It’s a place that’s indexed by Google where I can go when I’m thinking hmm, remember when I made… Just today for instance I Googled “neurosesgalore tortilla” so I could make the tortilla soup again and presto I had found the recipe.
  4. It’s a way to keep in touch with people I don’t talk to regularly so when we do finally touch base with each other they’re mostly up to speed.
  5. It helps keep your inboxes free of Chase-related clutter.
  6. I hope that maybe something funny that happened to me during the day will also make you laugh.
  7. Sometimes I just need a distraction.

Don’t get me wong, it’s not a “journal”. I don’t use my blog as a vehicle for self-reflection and personal growth. I don’t write about when I’m mad at Ben because he forgot to take the garbage out again or when I have a bad day because I’m feeling down. Which leads me to my next list which is why I DON’T blog. I don’t blog:

  1. To make you feel bad. If you want to know the dirt you have to call I’m not airing my dirty laundry all over the internet.
  2. To vent or complain. I don’t spend a lot of time posting but I would feel bad spending so much time on a lot of negativity. Except for when I’m sick, when I’m sick everyone must suffer.

That’s what comes to me given the amount of time I devoted to thinking about it. See? I told you it wasn’t meant to be terribly introspective that requires far more concentration than I am able to devote to anything. One day I’ll be able to focus on specific things again but until then… I’ll keep blogging. I’ve been kind of spotty over the last two or so weeks but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s distraction factor. My guess is that it will continue to be this way until classes resume on the 14th.

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