Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I Need a Bone Folder, Seriously

cupcake.JPGIn this month’s Living Martha has a how to on making animal duo-tone print cards. Chase’s birthday thank yous are a rif on this idea. I stopped by the stationers and picked up some colored card stock and have been hard at work ever since. I’m quite pleased with the results and hopefully I can get them in the mail within a reasonable period of time. I’ll tell you, our little printer is a real workhorse.

The weather continued to be splendid and we spent some time today at the park. There are all these push toys at the park so Chase had all the space in the world to walk around and came home with the knees of her jeans plenty dirty. She’s a real little helper these days. Her new thing is emptying the dishwasher. She takes every piece of silverware out one by one and hands them to me, then the plates, then the bowls until the bottom rack is completely empty. Between emptying the dishwasher and climbing the stairs there are plenty of ways to kill a half hour these days.

So I had to go to court this morning. Apparently everyone wins in traffic court. I went to contest a 52 dollar parking ticket and got off scott free. Not to mention that the whole process was incredibly quick and I’m beginning to fancy being called Stephanie Stelino which is my name as far as the City of Baltimore parking violations devision is concerned. Everyone in the courtroom was probably wondering how I came to be Italian but whatever. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t know which, there were no characters of which to speak in court today it appeared to be fairly run of the mill stuff. There was one judge judy type of a moment when a father who was there to contest a parking ticket incurred by his daughter told the judge that he put a stop to the parking tickets because his daughter isn’t allowed to drive to work anymore. To this, the judge replied, that’s one way to solve the problem, gentle laughter rippled through the courtroom and she called the next name on the docket.

Ugh, why does it get late so fast?


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