Saturday, January 12th, 2008


112.JPGSometimes I find a few minutes in the course of a day to do something. I say something because I don’t often know what to fill the time with and often just fritter away the few precious minutes. I had a few of those stolen moments to myself today and thought hey, why not do a post? That’s when I discovered something very curious. It appears that blogging is something I can only do at night. Even though I’ve been keeping a mental list of things to write about I just couldn’t seem to pull my thoughts together. So I put is aside and came back to it tonight and it flows much easier.

I just finalized my schedule for my last every semester of law school. I refuse to take a closed book exam this semester even if that means completely rearranging everything at the last minute. As it stands now, three of the five classes I’m taking are taught by professors I’ve already taken and trust. I just don’t need any extra aggravation at this point.

I had my monthly appointment today for waxing BUT had the added luxury of also having a facial. Oooh I don’t know how I got by without it before. My skin is radiant. The thing about these treatments is just like when I had prenatal massage is that you are totally at the mercy of the technician. With my bad hearing it’s worse. During the massage, my good ear was buried in the pillow so everything was a complete surprise. Oh, look at that, hot stones. Today was different though. Right away she was with the eye compresses, the new age music and dimmed lights. I couldn’t hear or see anything. She must have done about 10 or 15 different treatments. I kept bracing for the pain, I mean what would you expect to feel from some unknown device that sounds like it emits an electrical charge. It will be much more enjoyable knowing what to anticipate. My skin feels soft and for lack of a better word, hydrated. She rubbed this cream all over my arms and hands and then wrapped my hands in plastic and put them into what I suppose were giant heated mittens. See you in hell cracked cuticles!

Ok, so I had more than a few stolen moments today. I left for my appointment a few minutes early because I had to go to school to buy books during the hour and half window that the bookstore was actually open. I didn’t know how crazy it was going to be but the place was practically empty so I had a few minutes to kill before my next stop. I cursed my unpreparedness for in spite of just having bought a giant sackful of books I didn’t actually have anything that I wanted to read. There’s nothing like sitting alone with a cup of coffee so I bought a NY Times. I gotta say there’s something to be said for having the newspaper in your hands as opposed to up on your screen. I found it much more readable and came across a couple of interesting tidbits. Did you know that McDonalds is going to start putting coffee bars in their restaurants? Yeah, so you know when the going gets tough, don’t hit CVS just pop in to your closest McDonalds for a big mac and a large coffee then run home and lock the doors.

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