Sunday, January 13th, 2008

My Last Night of Freedom

You want to know how many Comp USA’s I visited today?  Two but the first one earned two visits, one on either side of a trip to Target.  Can I just say that I find computer stores exhausting.  Well, let me add the caveat that I find them exhausting unless we’re buying computer stuff for me but that wasn’t the case today.  We had a great visit with Nadia and Jason and pizza at Bertucci’s.  Without calling attention to my plan I secretly ordered the opposite of what I would have ordinarily suggested.  I’m surprised Ben didn’t say anything about it although he was probably more happy than confused that I picked toppings that he likes.

Classes start tomorrow and even though I’m not going to my morning class I am still not looking forward to starting the week.  Why did I schedule a class for myself on Monday mornings?  Ugh!  Not to mention that I haven’t even thought about the reading assignments yet even though this weekend was supposed to be devoted to them.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at this point.

I bought supplied today to try out ribbon embroidery as described in the March 2007 MS Living magazine.  I hope it’s as simple as it looks but I’ll have to report back on it later as I haven’t so much as opened the packages yet.  I lost it in the looong aisle of embroidery floss.  There was nary a package of embroidery ribbon to be found and just before I threw myself on the floor I remembered that the article said you could just as easily sub hem tape and they had lots of that.  Also, patterns are on sale 5 of $5.  I got some cute ones to never make for Chase.  That’s the way it’s supposed to go right?

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