Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

It’s Wednesday Already?

How come as soon as the semester starts time starts to fly.  It’s unreal I mean it’s already Wednesday.  I haven’t picked up my camera in days as you can see.  The good news is that so far I think that my classes will actually be interesting i.e. not totally draining and impossible to get up for.  You can’t beat that.  Not to mention that I shipped off my bar application today.  I’m so glad that’s out of my hair for now.  Talk about hanging over your head.  I even managed to get some other stuff off my plate this evening.   I haven’t done my reading for tomorrow but you know, whatever.  I’ll get over the hump and the pieces will start to fall into place some time next week by my estimation. 

Nothing much else is new around here.  Chase is still toodling around with her walker or holding onto your finger.  I found replacement balls for her ball pit at Toys R Us.  I know that seems like the logical place to look but I really just thought it would be easy enough to order them online but evidently that’s not the case.  At any rate at Toys R’ Us you can procure a sack of 250 ball pit balls for the low low price of $19.99.  The ball pit now more closely approximates the picture on the box where the kid is sitting armpit deep in balls.  100 balls does not a ball put make.  She just loves that thing.

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