Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Four Days In

shoveling-is-hard-work.JPGand already a snow day! Did I tell you the pieces would start to fall into place or what? Add a snow day on top of the long weekend and I am way ahead of the reading curve. I’ll try to read ahead some over the weekend but either way I’m feeling better about things already. I just got an email reminding me to reapply for federal student aid and I… deleted it. It felt so good. I read today that Governor O’Malley wants to set aside funds for UB to build a new law building. Sure, I graduate this year and the new building won’t open until 2012 but this is huge. It’s still important to me because the stronger UB’s reputation is the more my degree is worth. We’ll see what happens it all hinges on approval by the legislature and somebody might not like the fact that the figure is almost twice as much as what was spent on the new UMD building a couple of years ago. I was happy when they upgraded the bathroom but this would be fantastic.

The new Martha Stewart came today. It’s full of brilliant ideas. Most notable of which is the recipe for topfenknoedel with stewed plums. I just want you to remember when they’re making knoedels on the Today Show that I made them for you years ago… and you complained. You know who you are. Ten to one, when I put my giant pot of water on this summer you’ll all be like oh, knoedels, I love knoedels. Hrmph. The raspberry-almond financiers look right up my alley too.

So I used the pressure cooker again tonight. I didn’t have time to do any research overnight so I didn’t have any recipes to count on so I just used a recipe from the instruction book. I believe it was called Chicken a la Lee but I’ll have to post more about the recipe later as I don’t have it in front of me right now. First of all, the final product didn’t blow me away but I believe that it has potential. Second, I wasn’t blown away by the final product but I believe that it has potential. At first I felt sort of ambivalent about it because I wasn’t blown away by the flavor and I didn’t think I’d saved much time BUT when I walked back through the process I remembered that I had started with frozen chicken. So from start to finish prep and cooking time only took 30 minutes starting with frozen wings. You can’t beat that with a stick. I never… ever remember to take something out of the freezer in time for dinner in spite of the fact that we are fanatical about keeping the freezer stocked.


Chase has her one year checkup tomorrow morning. That’s all we really have on our plate. Maybe we’ll go to the mall or something afterward or the library if we get out in time. I have a bunch of questions for the ped. If I had half a brain I would write them all down tonight so I don’t forget them tomorrow.

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