Monday, January 21st, 2008

Martha, You Failed Me!

oh-hello.JPGChase saw the pediatrician on Friday. Poor baby did NOT like getting her shots. The poor nurse felt so bad though she did such a good job of getting the shots done and over with that I was quite impressed. All in all I suspect that more than the shots Chase will remember walking around the office naked which is the only thing that she was interested in doing. At what age does it become inappropriate to walk around in nothing but underpants and shoes? Chase is still on her nice little curve well above the outer limits of the typical baby curve. At one year she weighs 28 pounds 5 ounces and is just shy of 32″ tall… or long. I guess she’s tall now that she spends most of her time vertical. The doc says she looks great though and that makes me happy.

A couple of months ago Erin “procured” a copy of Baltimore magazine for me from which I learned that a new Fresh Market had opened not too far away. Since I’m reading What to Eat and am learning about the perils of grocery shopping (more on that later) I thought I’d check it out. It’s about a 15 minute drive from here which isn’t that bad but it was crazy cold today. I don’t think it’s worth the trip back. The only thing worth going back for were the bulk spices but I can get those now from the spice guy at the farmers’ market. They had a lot of bulk items but I still think I’d rather shop trader joe’s or whole foods which are already within my comfort zone. I suppose I’d shop there regularly though if I lived in the subdivision that’s built right in back of it. In the end I made a second trip to Safeway which is where I should have just gone in the first place even though they are both crazy expensive. I did stock up on the items they had on sale, my brand of spaghetti and stuff like that.

I tried a recipe from my Martha Stewart: The New Classics book and I was not impresses. First of all it has to be the most poorly written recipe EVER. I think this has been a criticism of the M in the past. I’ve always used recipes from her site and often ones that were featured on her show. I’m guessing those ones get edited, revised and tweaked more than others. How this made it in to the book in that state is baffling to me. The list of ingredients was a glorified shopping list and bore no relationship whatsoever to the instructions. All of this on top of the fact that the soup was just meh for not a small amount of effort that went into making it. I can’t remember what it was called now but it had roasted pumpkin and mushrooms with sage and shallots, lots of things that I thought would be tasty when they got all hot and roasty. The flavor was good but the texture wasn’t there. It was basically just a broth and I just can’t get behind that. A tremendous quantity of fresh produce went into making the soup and you just discard the whole wasted heap in the end. I know, the flavor has all been extracted but I like soup with a little substance, a little oomph, bang for your buck as it were. I think I’ll try to salvage it tomorrow. I think I’ll try to use the soup as a vegetable broth base for something more interesting. Maybe dig out a parmesan rind and throw that in there too. We shall see.

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