Thursday, January 24th, 2008


hello-moto.JPGThat’s right, it came! My brand new phone. I already tested and it does not in fact turn off as soon as you remove it from the charger. I got the krazr in what I imagine is called black cherry. It’s all red and fabulous and I ordered another razr for Ben pursuant to my plan. The krazr is like the old rzr all metal and solid feeling but the new rzr doesn’t have any of its old heft. My new phone is super slick and I love it. I promise to treat this one well because on first inspection it doesn’t appear to be a total piece of crap like my old one.

On to other news…

The Many Frocks of Chase:

Chase was gifted another adorable dress all the way from Italy, very chic. The Carson Kressley-esque (but both for different reasons) clerks at both Cloud 9 and Barnes and Noble both thought she looked pretty sharp. The guy at Barnes and Noble told her she was looking good but had a lot of walking to do so it was a good thing she chose her flats instead of her spikes. It was funny but how do you respond to that? The dress is super cute, I love the whole nod to the pinafore thing. Notice who also got a phone upgrade.


Save this Soup:

I pulled the failed Martha soup out of ye old freezer for lunch. I just tossed some diced potato, sweet potato and some leftover broccoli and cauliflower florets into the pot. When it was all nice and soft I whizzed it up with the immersion blender and added some milk. Now it’s soup and I can prove it:


The broth really was flavorful so even though I didn’t use a mire poix or sautee the veg to develop flavor and didn’t season with anything other than salt and pepper the soup was plenty tasty. As a bonus I don’t feel that bad about the whole fiasco anymore.

Rabbit Proof Coat:

Circling back to looking slick, I’ve been wearing Ben’s gloves. They kind of made me look like law school grad meets gas station attendant but they did keep my hands warm. So I think to myself, it’s January go buy a pair of gloves before the skin on your hands just falls off completely they’ll be on sale you’ll see. So on our walk today I stop in a little boutique next to Starbucks. Sure enough the gloves are on sale at an excellent price but they only have one style. They’re nice though and they match my coat so I buy them at a deep deep discount. I bring them home, show Ben, decide I like them and THEN discover that the trim is 100% rabbit. Awesome. Who would think that they were fur trimmed? They were expensive but they weren’t EXPENSIVE you know? I just thought they were a little more expensive because it was a boutique-y place. I’m so used to faux.. it’s everywhre. I’m still shocked and a little appalled but it’s too late to do anything about it now that’s the trick with bargain basement prices.


The Nutty Professor:

So I had that class again. The one where the professor kept looking at me like I was insane. So she proposed hypo where the facts where changed slightly and after letting someone else take a crack at it I couldn’t take it anymore. I raised my hand again against my better judgment. It still made perfect sense to me in my head. This time, I was still received by blankness but she did seem to respond to start to follow my logic toward the end. When all was said and done and everyone had taken a stab at it she followed up by saying that a child’s liberty interest is not the right to be free as much as the right to be free from governmental interference (with a couple of exception). Wait, I shouted, that’s what I said! Government interference, influence and control of the government! I didn’t scream it, I didn’t even say it but I wish I had. So maybe I didn’t say it as eloquently but did she really think I was so far out of the ballpark that what I was saying merited blank stares and if so why? I guess I was right, we just don’t vibe.

Last but not least:

I tried to catch Chase standing. I guess it looks like she’s leaning on the cabinet but I assure you she’s not.


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