Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

What We’ve Been Up To

chaseity.JPGYet another week is in full swing. Costco finally had Fine Cooking magazine again so I snagged a copy of the latest issue and have been cooking from it. So far I have already tried the mac and cheese from the making the best macaroni & cheese article as well as the tomato soup with fennel, leek & potato from the back cover. Both were really quite satisfying but better still was the fried mac and cheese decadence that we had for lunch today from the leftovers. I saw Alton Brown make it once on good eats and I’ve seen it on menus here and there since but I have never been impressed by it because the macaroni and cheese filling was alway inferior.

This particular recipe is really good, I’ll have to post more about it later. Putting it together wasn’t difficult I think that its delciousness comes from the use of cream and really good cheeses. Not rocket science I’ll admit but I think that following (to the extent that I’m capable) a recipe kept me from skimping too much. My usual thrown together version just gets skim milk and a few dots of butter, no cream sauce or golden bread crumb topping. This can’t replace my throw together version because I shudder to think about the fat content but it would be a good dish to make for having friends or family over for an informal supper. I will say that a 9×13 pan sure does make a lot of mac and cheese when it’s as rich as this one.


Like I was saying, I served the mac and cheese with a tomato soup. God only knows why I bought the fennel in the first place because I had it prior to reading this recipe but I was glad to see it not go to waste. Chase is really into soups and this one went over well. I pureed the soup as suggested in the recipe as I didn’t find the little chunks of veg that appetizing and well, I still like using the immersion blender.


Here’s the recipe I used to do the fried mac and cheese. It was sooo good with the crispy golden panko crumbs though Chase prefers her mac straight up. Sans panko that is.  And here’s another take on it.


My schedule is kind of wonky around dinner time. That means that I’m either leaving right before or right after we would usually eat. I’ve been really good so far about planning and have managed to get dinner on the table before leaving for class or to prep it during the day so that it’s ready for us to eat when I get back. Today I made a brisket. When I bought it I thought it was flank or skirt steak and only discovered that it was brisket after the fact. I spent some time this morning looking for a recipe that was hands off enough for me. I found something pretty simple and had Ben put it in the oven while me and Chase had a quick visit with a friend for a little playing. 4 hours later it was fork tender and delicious with practically no effort, that’s what I’m talking about.

Chase has more teeth coming in. I can finally see her two top teeth poking through. I can’t wait to see her new toothsome grin. Chase had a great time today playing with her pal. They haven’t seen each other in a few months and I can’t believe how much she’s grown. It’s great because she and Chase is only one day older than her so they have a great time playing. They’re doing and are interested in the same things. We’re going to try to get back into the habit of getting the two of them together.

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