Wednesday, January 30th, 2008

It Followed Us Home

130.JPGEvery time we go-a-visiting to a house with a leapfroggy type play table Chase spends the whole time walking around and around it pushing all the buttons. I was almost broken down to the point where I was thinking about going to babies r us to pick one up when I had a better idea. I remembered that there’s a kid’s consignment store not too far from here that I hadn’t checked out yet. Little Lamb Consignments doesn’t have a web page but a little sleuthing turned up some mixed reviews on Our experience was fine. They didn’t have fabulous stuff but I guess it depends what you’re in the market for and with consignment it’s always hit or miss. I didn’t look at much clothing and I only quickly glanced at the baby gear. We were only looking for the table and sure enough there it was on a shelf way up high and we took it home for a song. Chase really likes it I just wonder when she’ll tire of it. I feel like we have to rotate stuff in constantly because nothing stays fun for very long. I will say however that so far the megablocks continue to be a hit.

The megablocks have helped Chase to learn how to manipulate an object so that it’s oriented in a specific direction. You have to be able to do this to get the blocks to interlock and she was really proud of herself when she figured it out. She also likes to take apart a giant tower one block at a time and she also enjoys emptying the bag and filling it back up again. They get a lot of play time and they’re just blocks, it’s amazing. So I try to take this into account when looking for new items. I resisted the table for so long but it does have a storage compartment that she likes to open and shut as well as the beads which are also something that she likes to play with so who knows. I defer to her as being the final arbiter of all things fun. I also found a box of small board books. I don’t know what it is about the tiny board books that she loves but they’re a real favorite. Frankly, I don’t think I could have done much better by Chase than a box full of tiny books. I think that hits just about everything on the Chase-fun checklist.


I reworked the brisket into tonight’s dinner. I thickened the juices into a nice sauce, sliced the meat and reheated it in the sauce and served the whole shebang over buttery mashed potatoes. I took tonight’s salad in a totally new direction. I used an orange for zest the other day and didn’t feel like eating the flesh out of hand. I remembered an episode of Lidia’s Italy where she made a salad of oranges and red onion so this is a take on that. The original recipe calls for 8 small oranges! I didn’t need 6 servings worth so I just used 1. The brisket has something of a bbq flair to it so I made a honey-lime dressing to compliment it and I think it worked very well. I wanted to take note of what I was doing but as always it was getting late, Chase was getting impatient and I just had to get stuff done. The onions were necessarily hacked into giant hunks instead of small slices but it was fine and I think that the rings need to have a little substance to them.  I put a small amount of honey, the juice of two limes, a tiny clove of garlic, salt, pepper, and some cumin in a container, added a few glugs of olive oil (horrors, I’m getting all Jamie Oliver on you) and whirred it together with the immersion blender. I initially just poured the dressing over the whole plate but I started to worry that the onions would be too strong. So while I finished everything else up I let the onions sit in the dressing completely immersed and assembled the salad again when we were ready to eat. I thought it was really good but Ben ate all of his first which indicates to me that he did not care for it. That’s his thing. If there’s something on his plate that he doesn’t like (usually a veg.) he eats it all first and saves the good stuff (usually meat) for last. Honestly, who does that? It really makes no difference anyway. I would definitely make this again. It was so different from our usual that I found it…. I found it… delightful and refreshing. Yes, that’s it.


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