Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

Mischief Maker

mischief-maker.jpg Remember that video from the other day… yeah, Chase laughs at those puny attempts now. In just 48 hours she her walking skill level has increased exponentially. She has even taken cruising to another level since she feels confident enough to let go briefly if she needs to span a gap between a wall and a table for example… or to get down the box of Ritz. I should buy stock in Dole and Nabisco since we are contributing to their success quite regularly.

Today was the longest day of my week and I am so glad it’s over. In fact it was the longest day of the semester so far because I had to attend an afternoon session that I’m not always scheduled for (and that was completely irrelevant to me and a waste of time but whatever). It’s lovely to come home to baby girl after a long afternoon. Sure it was less than three hours but it felt like an eternity considering the subject matter. We watched this Frontline exposee about state intervention in cases of child abuse and neglect. I know it’s Frontline and that’s what they do but man they really sock it to ya. They play on all of your emotions with their stories until they have you so turned around you don’t know how to form an opinion you’re just generally outraged, not sure whether or not you should be choking on your liberal rage or not.

I did a lot of cooking over the weekend but I hardly have time to write about any of it. I will post about Jacque’s onion soup gratinee though, it was to die for. I got his latest book from the library last week. They must have just got the new batch of books accompanying the latest PBS season of shows because I snagged all of them… they were so new it’s awesome. I’m seriously considering buying Lydia’s Italy because of the three recipes that I’ve tried they were all superb and if I try a few more from Chez Jacques I just might spring for that one too.

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