Friday, February 8th, 2008

Ladies Who Lunch

bonaparte.jpgCan you believe this weather that we’ve been having? Not so much today I guess but it’s still way nicer than it was last week. We’ve really been making the most of the nice weather and spending some time outside. I remember how much our days changed when Chase was first able to sit up unassisted. Walking or learning to walk has had the same effect. Now we can go outside without needing something to ‘do.’ Just going out to walk around and to see and be seen is enough to amuse Chase for hours. Yesterday I had to pick up some forms at school so we both went. Everyone was out in the plaza and it took us about 30 minutes to make our way across what would normally take about 15 seconds but she just loved every minute of it.

Today we had lunch in Fells Point. I always say I’m going to try somewhere new but always end up at the same place. Apparently they don’t have a website…sheesh, but other people have eaten there and taken some cool pictures (those are two different links there). Today Chase sipped her water from a footed globlet, as she should. We had a lovely lunch, paninis (and big hunks of baguettes), overlooking the harbor that concluded with the best pear blueberry tart. Their pastries are totally out of this world. The real reason we went though was to see if we could spot some ducks and we saw two. One was a mallard and I’m guessing the other was an American Coot based on my Audubon field guide, that’s my best guess anyway. I’ve never seen anything like it before and we couldn’t get that close but it was kind of exciting to see something different, KACK KACK! On the way back to the car Chase insisted on climbing the steps to the Homicide set, I felt like such a tourist. She wanted to do the Rocky when she got to the top but I stage whispered “wrong movie” and we moved on.

There are tons of cool shops there. I think I’ve now covered all the independent toy store ground there is to cover in the city. I have to say that even though there are two closer to our house I think the Amuse might be the best. I felt totally frenzied but I was good. New rubber duckies and part of a gift I’m working on. The Corduroy button is a cute children’s boutique and I have always had a soft spot for 10,000 Villages. Su Casa was nice for home furnishings and gifty stuff too.

Tomorrow I have to finish putting my gift together and get it out of here. :)


I took these pics with my camera phone not too bad eh?

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