Friday, February 8th, 2008

This Here Sack ‘a Rice

rice-sack.JPGLibrary day again. I have a lot of good stuff to look over for inspiration in my nonexistent free time. I also borrowed Texas Ranch House. I don’t believe I ever saw the series through to its conclusion and even though I’m near the end of the series I could use a break from the Sopranos. We ran some errands after the library and then spent the rest of the afternoon at home ‘trying to (or not to) nap. Chase it usually a good napper but some days… not so much. She lies there for a while and presumably tries to sleep then she stands up and throws her pacifier as far as she can so I can never find it again. I have to get her off the pacifier… but I don’t relish the prospect.

Last week I wrote about how Chase has started to manipulate objects so that they are oriented in a particular direction. She was still pretty slapdash about the way she handled them but has now learned to make her movements more careful and precise. She has become really interested in setting things down just so particularly in putting animal toys down on their feet as it were.

Lastly, a cautionary tale about buying bananas. I went to Trader Joe’s today and was pleasantly surprised to see that conventional bananas were $0.19 per lb and that organic bananas were only 10 cents more. What a deal, I thought, as I loaded bananas into my cart. Then Chase saw them and I had to let her eat one in order to not have to end the excursion prematurely. So when I got to the register I told the guy, oh, she ate one so maybe you could weigh one twice. No problem he says… you know why? Because they were 29 cents each, not per lb.

I was craving soup today, I’ve come to rely on it for nourishment during the day. I just find hot soup so thoroughly satisfying. I sweated a smallish onion, threw in a head of broccoli cut into big florets, two small potatoes, and covered everything with chicken broth. I brought the pot to a boil, seasoned, and simmered everything until it was cooked through. Then I turned off the heat and added about a cup of shredded sharp cheddar and pureed with the immersion blender. The soup was excellent. Chase ate it for dinner because ours was too spicy, she loves soup too.


I have a ton of work to do this weekend so there’s nothing specific on tap for tomorrow… just a trip to the post office. :)


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