Sunday, February 10th, 2008


looking-up.JPGI just moved a 50mm f1.8 lens to the top of my list the other day. I have two lenses that came with my camera but neither of them are good for what I want to use them for. Ok, I take that back. I’m too brainless to use either of them to achieve what I want. However, because I tend to be an impulsive shopper and am often criticized as such I decided to first make an effort to use what I already have. I thought I took some reasonably good pictures and then I went on Fbook and saw what Chelsea’s been up to. Once my jealous rage subsided I reconciled myself with the fact that I just don’t have the gift of effortless creativity and an eye for all things ‘art’ that she does. I also tell myself (and then tried to sell it to Ben) that if I had some kind of awesome natural backdrop that I’d also be more successful but he didn’t think that was reason enough to fly me to the Caribbean. Here are my two best shots from today:


I made the comment about a natural backdrop in jest but it really is a problem. I don’t feel that I can take the camera and shoot outside. Or, I could but it would require a special trip to some location where I could shoot unnoticed and that’s a pretty big production just to take some pictures. Maybe in the summer I’ll be able to use the backyard but right now, it’s not so nice. Our grass goes dormant in the winter so it’s all brown.. not awesome. Consequently, I feel that my pictures are boring. I need some better props and I need Chase to stay put long enough to take a picture without coming over and mugging me for the camera.

I got back on the home organization horse today and picked up some of those bags that you bulky things into and then suck all the air out with the vacuum. They totally work and now all the extra queen sized stuff no longer in use is unobtrusively tucked under out bed. We’re talking a lot of stuff here, two comforters, at least 6 pillows and several sets of sheets and a mattress pad. There’s no way they all would have fit in their ordinary state. I was so happy when I finally figured out a solution short of just tossing it all. But it looks like that’s what’s going to have to happen with the clothes. I don’t like half of it anyway.

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