Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

I Made History Today

vday-sweater.JPGOr so my sticker tells me. Today was the Potomac Primary so you know we both made time to cast our votes. The family that votes together stays together? I don’t know but we split it straight down the middle and both finally confessed that once we got into our respective booths we both waffled, checked and unchecked and finally cast votes opposite of what we originally intended. This was so far from just a primary. We both fell back into the car completely emotionally and mentally exhausted. Chase got a sticker too and felt very patriotic. Ben and Chase got a little ahead of me leaving our polling station and watching them walk down the hall hand and hand had me a little freaked out. She’s so small I said but I know the day we walk her to kindergarten will be all too soon.

I had two good classes today in spite of the fact that I only brought about 50% of my materials with me. I have this knack for putting half my books in my bag and sitting the other half on the chair near the door. Then, I put my shoes and coat on, grab my bag and leave. Most of the time I remember my coffee but I never remember those unpacked books. We’re covering the Truth in Lending Act. I get all geeked up over combing through code to puzzle out answers to problems. When did this happen to me? I used to be so cool and then one day bam, I’m hunched over my code book with my hand in the air, ooh, ooh, pick me pick me. In my defense, who wants to sit in a room full of silent people? The class needs to move at a good clip so I don’t fall asleep. So that professor I have, the one that doesn’t give feedback while you’re talking, posed some sort of question to one of the other students in the class. I don’t remember what she asked her but it came down to if you were the judge what would you do. Sometimes those are tricky questions because if a similar case has already been decided the professor might be looking for a specific answer on that basis with respect to how a judge would make a decision. That wasn’t the case here though, she was really just asking what do you think? But the girl just could not come up with anything the end result being her response that she didn’t f-ing know. It’s a small class so you can kind of get away with that kind of stuff but I think she might have really meant it. She did not look like she was having a good time.

Today I also had a professor explain the intricacies of insurance law and the reluctance of courts to recognize an insurable interest as being inherent in some relationships by quoting, I’m sorry, actually quasi ‘rhyming’ the lyrics to a Marky Mark song in front of the class. He referred to Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch several times and nobody had the heart to tell him that he’s an actor now. He did eventually make his point though. Lawyers are funny people. The kinds of things that float through their consciousness most people never even take note of.

We’re also in the middle of a painting frenzy. All of the yet unpainted rooms in the house have to be painted because we are concerned about lead paint. The plaster everywhere is intact so we don’t have to do any serious abatement but we want to make sure that all of the surfaces are sealed before Chase gets into any trouble. My preference is for Behr paint because I like the color selection and it’s just generally easy to work with, it doesn’t drip much etc. I did a little quick research and found that Sherwin Williams carries a line of low odor paint and so we decided to use that since it’s c-c-c-old and opening windows isn’t really an option. This way we can paint at night and do a lot of the house at the same time without dying from the fumes. It’s their harmony line and they have paint and primer. So far so good. Part of the plan also involves flooring. Our floors are original and ooooold. Our concern is that while they still look pretty good from their last refinishing that they will not withstand another so we want to cover as much as possible to preserve them while they are still in pretty good shape. I researched a couple of options and got a tip on the Flor system. In the end, it costs less per square foot to use this stuff than it would to buy area rugs outright plus you can do all kinds of groovy things by cutting and mixing and matching pieces. I started by looking at their stuff online but Bluehouse here in Baltimore carries it so we went there today to check out the samples. It’s really nice store. They had cool bamboo flatware and tiny bowls. I had them in my hand. I was going to buy them for Chase but I put it all back, they weren’t on the list. The store had a nice cafe which is sort of out of the ordinary for a home furnishings store but looking at carpet tile can be exhausting and can quickly help you build an appetite for a little something sweet. We’re just about ready to order I believe although I did order some samples so I can match paint etc. I think I might just place the order without waiting for them. I’ll keep you posted on that front.

I leave you with this one last question.. do you ever feel like you’re being watched… by Martha Stewart? I go to Costco… I see soup but I’m not buying soup so I pass it by. I learn later, watching her show that it’s Martha’s new signature line of Kirkland soups right there for my convenience in the refrigerated section of the store where I shop. I look for flooring, oh, hey, look at that I sell the kind of carpet tiles you want too. I mean there are some places I expect to find her, Michaels, Kmart and now Macy’s but now she seems to be everywhere. I also noticed one day that her magazine (or was it some other one… I guess that would kill my theory) was full of ads for Nikon cameras and Viking sewing machines. She definitely has her finger on the pulse of her audience.

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