Friday, February 15th, 2008

Chocolates and Bubbly

chocolates-and-bubbly.JPGThe food was good and all but the chocolate truffles we washed down with a half of bubbly were the real show stoppers and I’m not a big chocolate girl. Buying a half is definitely the way to go. It’s cost effective and there’s no waste, it’s perfect. Tomorrow I’ll post the recipes for this stuff but for now just pictures.

Shrimp and scallop gratinee with herb butter


Garlic rosemary rack of lamb


I made an antipasto type starter but didn’t get any pictures of it. The beauty of the cook at home scheme is that even though you have to clean up you can gorge yourself on all the finest things on the cheap. This would have cost us a fortune if we were eating out. Sure, I bought exactly 4 scallops and 4 shrimp but what would I have done with the extras? That’s the line between frugal and cheap. :)

Since it’s Valentine’s Day I’ll publish this picture against Ben’s protests and what should be my better judgment. Woowoo



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