Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Chase: A Quick How-To

How to ride the el:

Tip #1- Sit near the station sign so you remember where you are.  Also, look as mean and/ or bored and affected as you can so no one sits beside you on the bench.


Tip # 2- Put your feet up on the wall in front of you.  People will think you’re cool and/or hard and won’t try to sell you incense.


How to eat out with friends:

Tip #3- When you arrive at your destination, demand a windw seat and then as soon as the food arrives claim the biggest piece and eat it before anyone else has a chance.


We were in Philadelphia today.  Actually the pictures are out of sequence.  We took the train downtown with friends to treat Danielle to a birthday dinner at a tapas place.  Ok, there weren’t truly authentic tapas but the food was really good all the same and the place had great atmosphere.  I think that everyone really had a good time.  I tend to not care for beer-battered items but the beer battered shrimp were so good but that could be the sangria talking.  Chase loved everything.  I got her her own little plate of mashed plantain and sweet potato and she cleaned it before also devouring chicken wings, asparagus spears and of course my dessert.  I hear that this good eating phase is quickly replaced by a picky eating phase, I’m not looking forward to that at all.  Here’s where we ate.  Erin, this might be a place worth checking out next time you’re there.  It’s just a few blocks from Cuba Libre.

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