Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Ready for College

chase-ready-for-college.JPGBecause she’s super smart, mature and sophisticated? Nope, because she likes to wear her dad’s socks and to pretend that they’re UGG boots. All she needs now are some sweats aka street pyjamas and a headband and she’s good to go. She’s already eyeing my headbands. Everyday she wants her hair like mommy’s. I try to explain to her, no, you really don’t but she insists. Maybe this will provide some incentive not to go around looking like… what’s an appropriate adjective here? Disheveled? I’ll go with that. Not bloody likely though. One of these days you’ll see. I’ll do it, just shave it all right off. One of these days. No more headbands for me.

I just looked and tomorrow is NOT a holiday for me. This is total BS, this stinks!

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