Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

That’s What You Get For Skimping on Postage

le-lunch-sack-2.JPGI like to call this project ‘le lunch sack.’ I’ve been biting my tongue about it for weeks waiting for it to cross the nearly 120 miles it had to cover and it only took, oh, two weeks. Geez, two weeks?! That’s ok though because it arrived today just as I thought all hope was lost. What’s in the package?


Why it’s Danielle’s new lunch bag. Through covert questioning I learned that she was throwing tupperware into her bag ‘naked’ so I set to work right away to remedy the situation. I used a paper gift bag (that our former agent left on our door advertising his new listing… across the street but that’s another story), cut it open so it would lie flat and then used my quilting ruler and rotary cutter to cut a slightly larger bag from the fabric. That method doesn’t exactly work out… not only am I not a baby nutritionist but I’m not mathematician either. If I made another I’d cut, measure and piece the sides individually. The way I assembled this was much like a paper cube you would cut out, folding the intact edges and attaching only what was left open.

All in all it worked out pretty well. I topstitched around the edges that needed reinforcing to add a little shape and pressed in the folds in the side panels. The trim and handles are made from inch and a half grosgrain ribbon. I folded and stitched along the top to make it look like a tote handle.

Chase picked out the chopsticks at Amuse Toys. Frankly, I could use a pair of those myself.

I was looking for more blogs to read and came across this today. It has re-inspired my to work on Chase’s alphabet mural, maybe it would be a frieze, but either way it’s been sitting in bags in various closets around the house for several months. Time to get crackalackin’.

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