Friday, February 22nd, 2008

And a Picture of Me…

chef-hat.JPGChase is invited to a birthday party this weekend for a little boy on our block. He’s turning 2… or 3, I can’t remember but what else is new. Anyway he has two nice parents who like to encourage open ended creative play… you know the deal and he has a kitchen playset in their kitchen and likes to jump in and help with cooking with the grownups too. Every chef needs an apron.. and a hat. The prototype is finished and I think it works.
I have all this ‘stuff’ lots of supplies and tools and junk. I can say it, I’m a pack-rat. The problem spills over to the fridge and deep freezer too. I’m taking the bull by the horns and trying to whittle down all of the various stashes. It’s hard though, it goes against everything I know. I was that kid who still had Halloween candy in April because I was afraid if I ate it I’d run out and I don’t now and never really ever did like candy. How dysfunctional is that?

This particular apron and hat project used fabric, interfacing and other notions that I already had on hand and that feels good. My instinct was to not want to cut into a quantity of fabric for such a small project but I rallied and reminded myself that there’s no point to keeping it if it never gets used. Not to mention that when you use it all up you can finally get more.

Tomorrow the American Craft Council Craft Show opens in Baltimore! We are totally going to go check it out, maybe after the library. I ordered the Flor tiles and they’re supposed to come tomorrow too. I don’t want to get my hopes up too much but that would be great because the wood is really suffering. This whole walking thing has brought about a lot of change. I hope the weather improves soon so we can spend more time outside. It was cold today and Chase was in an awesome mood. By awesome I mean foul. Who knows what’s going on? Teeth, growth spurt? She just seems generally tired. She just walks and walks and walk and never sits still. Maybe she’ll get a good night’s sleep in tonight and wake up feeling refreshed and alert. I wonder what that’s like?

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