Sunday, February 24th, 2008

Four on the Flor

run-em-rugged.JPGEnough with the carpet already? I’ll get it out of my system.

tuckered-out.JPGHere’s one alternate title: Run ‘Em Rug-ged’ get it? She’s lying on the carpet like she’s asleep after being out all day. Whew, ok I think I’m done. I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather today. We went exploring in Ellicott City. We parked, crossed the street and stumbled upon a civil war reenactment (it’s ok, Maryland was a part of the union) at the B&O Railway Museum. The helpful docent, who was dressed as the town sheriff, helpfully offered that the museum was the first railway station in the country which we didn’t believe but turns out to be true. That’s right, we spend the afternoon at a museum and then came home to do some fact checking. I’m a huge nerd, so sue me. It’s the oldest surviving train station in the country and was the first station for freight transport in the country. Right here in our own backyard, cool right? There’s another B&O museum in the city and I think my interest is piqued. The one in the city is in a roundhouse which has to be neat to see.


The museum while not designed for Chase’s age group is perfectly kid friendly with plenty of space to run and touch. There were some low barrels filled with coal and grain and topped with plexi to look at and plenty of her new favorite thing, ramps, and a telegraph machine to work. My big kid (aka Ben) was taken with the intricate train model they had of the line between Baltimore and Ellicott City. I was really impressed by it too. The tiny houses had pigeons on the rooftops. The docent in that room told us that they have been using the same model for over 30 years. It was pretty unbelievable. We were the last people to leave, they practically had to kick us out.


We left there and walked up the hill to see what we could see. The place is FULL, I mean chock full of antique stores. I almost died trying to restrain myself. I’ll have to go back without Ben, he just slows me down when it comes to shopping for antiques, junk, and other vintage finds. We stopped for refreshments at a place called Sweet. The coffee was good (and happily hot!), my red velvet cupcake was moist and tender with delicious buttercream frosting but the decor… they need to step it up a bit. We looked around and laughed because it wasn’t necessarily bad it just sort of looked, well, like Ben did it. Sort of like 5/8 of the way done. The place was packed though and enjoying brisk business and the service was good too. Did I forget to mention that their prices were A LOT more competitive than Starbucks? Yeah, I think we paid about 5 bucks for all of our snacks.


We checked all the ravines but alas, no ducks today. All in all a great way to spend an afternoon for less than 20 bucks and a 20 minute drive.

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