Saturday, March 1st, 2008

So Mad I Could Spit

washed-out-whitehouse.JPGAfter the library this morning Chase and I hit the road for D.C. Erin and I planned a lunch to catch up with a woman we know at Ebbitt. Erin picked the restaurant and really knows her stuff man. We had a 1:15 reservation and the place was packed. Would you believe that when our party was called, that someone actually tried to steal our spot? Yeah, it was that busy. I’ve never eaten in the dining room at Ebbitt only at the express lunch counter (where I discovered those sweet spicy thai Kettle Chips). The atmosphere was great (full of hunting jazz like duck decoys and a giant bronze dog sculpture) wood paneling and geese suspended from the ceiling that were particularly appealing to Chase. She had a great time and loved her grilled cheese and applesauce but mostly, she loved the pickle. I had the cannelloni. Oooh, that’s all I have to say about that. I looked at the dish and thought, one cannelloni? How could that ever be enough to satisfy the pasta queen? It’s possible when the tender pasta is stuffed with cheese, spinach and mortadella that melts in your mouth all smothered in a delicious bechamel. Chase had fresh fruit for dessert. So did I, except it was caramelized in butter and sugar and topped with delicious cake. :)


After lunch we walked back by the whitehouse and as promised, I took Chase over for a closer look. Then I stopped to take a picture neglecting to change the settings I had for shooting inside. In all the excitement I didn’t check my shots and got home to find they were totally useless. I was devastated for 45 minutes until my sister pointed out that a) it wasn’t the Eiffel tower b) we live relatively close by c) it will be more fun to go back and get shots in warm weather. She’s right but the pictures were so cute. No matter, the trip was totally worth it we had a great time and Chase got a close up look at a police horse (a horse that later precipitated much juvenile joke making). There was a lot of activity over there today. We wondered what the beefed up patrols were all about and then we saw ‘the’ helicopter taking off. Chase got a big kick out of that too. I wanted to visit Nadia by crashing her office but by that time it was 3:03 and leaving dc any later than that on a Friday is a death sentence. I barely made it out of there in time by the skin of my teeth.

Chase gave Ms. Betsy, the librarian, a hug today. Next week we’re moving to the toddler room.

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