Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

People Shouldn’t Smell Like Candy

chompers.JPGYou can always tell how much work I have on my plate by how often I update my blog. When I seem absent for days it’s because I’m off having fun somewhere away from my computer. When I’m posting multiple times a day it’s because I’m shackled to it and looking for diversion. I got an email today from a neighbor tipping me off on a cool site. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it until now. I’m a big book nerd when I have time for personal reading and have always aspired to start my own book club with friends or what have you. This site is like a big virtual book club. I love it, I’m obsessed at the moment the way I was about rating movies when we first got Netflix. The only problem is that it has been some time since I’ve read some of the books that have made lasting impressions on me. As a result I find myself giving star ratings and wishing I could back them up with some kind of comments but nothing comes. It’s ok, I’m marking the days until I can have free time again and it’s not that far off.

I added a link in my blogroll to the list of Chase’s favorite books. I try to observe her reactions and take note of her likes and dislikes. Thus far it appears that her interests are as follows: books about animals (What We Do, most Eric Carle), books about common objects (her dictionary, a little book I didn’t include called My Kitchen), flap books and books with tactile features, books featuring brightly colored and simple artwork (Maisy, Eric Carle). Chase loves books to the point where it can become a little irritating. She’ll pull every book off the shelf and have you read them each in turn. It’s something I did even though I can’t put my finger on when because apparently when she’s with Daddy she chooses toys which isn’t the case when she’s with me.

As to smelling like candy, I stand my my original assertion. Candy should smell like candy but a person shouldn’t. Is it better than smelling like B.O.? I can’t say for certain, I think I find both equally offensive. I don’t know if the aroma was coming from the gum being popped and snapped or from some other product but I couldn’t care less. The smell coupled with the tappa tappa tappa of the laptop keys (what’s different about those particular keys that they are SO annoying?) and the nail biting, oh, the nail biting! I almost lost it. I don’t know if I can ride out the rest of the semester.

On recommendations from both Nadia and Erin we upgraded to the cadillac of vacuums. Maybe that’s an overstatement but I could have had an I-phone. This is a two part story. First, this is just another chapter in the saga of my love hate relationship with Costco. Last week Ben informed me that the vacuum was broken. The handle wouldn’t lock in place (making it really hard to vacuum). We had no idea how long ago we bought the thing and couldn’t find the receipt. So we packed it up and drove the useless plastic monster back to Costco who promptly issued us a $200 credit. Could I have done that at Best Buy? Maybe. More likely than not I would have had to try to solve my problem through the manufacturer. I don’t know, I may have had the same outcome, a $200 vacuum is not supposed to break in less than a year. Either way this was pretty low stress/hassle.

Second, my cadillac of vacuums was virtually free to me between my credit and a 50 dollar reward check that I had applied to the already club-discounted price. So, I’m happy. Did I buy the right vacuum? Who knows? Do I have a subscription to Consumer Reports? Yes. Did I consult it? No. Did Martha Stewart publish a vacuum buying guide in November? Yes. Do I have that issue? Yes. Did I consult it? No. The bottom line is I’m banking on the recomendations I got from trusted sources with Costco’s satisfaction policy to back me up. Ben and I are fighting over who will get to fire her up in the morning. This is the first and undoubtedly the last time that this will ever happen in this house. What I really want to know is if it will live up to the picture ont he box of a man standing at the top of a flight of stairs vacuuming while the machine waits patiently and obediently on the floor below WITHOUT tipping over. I will have to report back about this I am skeptical to say the least.

Chase is still teething and her nose is running as usual but she is sleeping much better in spite of it.

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