Friday, March 7th, 2008

Happy Friday

2-7.JPGRain makes for a long day. Especially when Chase stands at the door saying dat dat dat and banging on the glass because she wants to go outside. The library was great but the rest of the day was peppered with missed connections that left us scrambling to pass the time. Actually, those two factors compounded by a missed afternoon nap and my inability to decide whether to go on an outing or not left us scrambling to pass the time. Either way, everything post 1pm left something to be desired.

I’m trying to finish up a project and it’s not coming together as quickly as I would like. So to make myself feel better. I’m going to post up some pics of a gift I made for Sarah a few months back. It’s just simple sachets but it was the first time that I tried my hand at ribbon embroidery. It wasn’t easy even though I chose a fabric with a loose weave. Since then, I’ve done a couple of projects embellished with stitches in yarn so I’m still kind of confused about why pulling the ribbon through was so dang difficult. I would love to try it again on a little dress I had a lot of fun with it. The only thing I would do differently would be to have tied the bundle with twine to make the package cohesive but I didn’t have the twine at the time that I tied the inside bundle. You can see them here: lavender-sachets.pdf I sourced the lavender from a vendor at the Waverly Farmer’s Market who was happy to place a special order for me with a super quick turnaround time. Now that I’m thinking about him, I thought it was a little curious that he was serving up some kind of boiled shrimp a couple of weeks ago at 9am. I could have been persuaded to try them if I wouldn’t have frozen my little fingertips off in the frigid morning wind.

You know how people say that some things are so predictable that they could set a clock by them? Well I’m beginning to realize that given that I’m barely able to hold my head up off the desk as I type this and have nary a nice thing to say about anyone or anything if I didn’t already know it I could probably pinpoint the exact date. A good measure is how many times in a given day I have to repress the urge to tell people to shut the h*ll up for no good reason. It’s kind of a sad state of affairs. I wish it was a long weekend.

Here’s something kind of cool to check out. I was a sensitive taster but I would have categorized myself as hyper-sensitive. Maybe I should push the envelope a little. Maybe a trip to wine source is in order. I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about organically produced wines that sound interesting. I’ve cut myself off from JoAnn’s. That’s also making me a little sad. I made the decision partly because I don’t need to spend money on materials and supplies that I don’t really have time to use, I already have plenty of stuff to use at home and frankly, I get tired of driving to the ends of the earth for it. Baltimore has plenty of knitting supply shops but no fabric or notions stores that I know of. I’m I’m wrong please let me know.

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