Saturday, March 8th, 2008

Tickle Trunkin’


Alternate titles for this post:
Take It Again From the Top People, 5-6-7-And
Chase 3, Kitchen 0

The first two titles are self explanatory. The third on the other hand needs from explanation. Twas another long and rainy day. We got most of the hallway painted before an unfortunate mishap that stopped progress dead in its tracks. The happy news is it’s almost done and won’t take too much time to finish up. To pass the time well daddy painted we baked cookies, read, danced, played in the yard and found a snail in the 5 minutes that it was NOT raining and then finally busted out the tickle trunk I’ve quietly been putting things in as I come across them. Chase was pretty excited to see what was inside the box and wanted me to put the necklaces and legwarmers on her right away. I dragged out one of the 10 cheapy full length mirrors that were foisted upon us right before the wedding and let Chase go to town showing off for the baby in the mirror.

Later, we made dinner. Chase broke two bowls. I have reconciled myself with the death of the dotted blue pyrex. Even though it was already chipped now I can find a nice new one to replace it. She also broke a salad plate which leads me to my next question. We use a set of dishes that we were given for our wedding. The soup plates arrived at this house as a box of shards and I’m ok with that because as it turns out I’m not really down with the formality of the soup plate. I would much rather have a nice deep bowl. As plates broke I replaced some of them but now we have an incomplete set and some have chips. So the question is, do I just keep replacing the pieces or do I just let the set run its course and replace the whole thing at once? How long will I be able to replace pieces? Crate & Barrel seem to retire their lines pretty frequently. Maybe I should just replace until they retire it? What’s the most cost effective solution? Any thought?

Well I’ve got some work to do and they’re puling the plug on the power on our block tonight at 11 for a couple hours so I have to get to work. Oh, and I got called for jury duty, bummer.

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