Monday, March 10th, 2008

Hand Sewing

hand-sewing.JPGThese guys are a part of a set that I probably could/should have mailed out today. I reached a little bit of an impasse with their house but think I have managed to work around it.  The problem with making things like this for other people is that when you’re done and they look good you really don’t want to part with them.  I really don’t want to give these little buddies up and it’s not even like Chase wants them I just want to keep them for myself.

I hardly ever do hand sewing but these were quick and easy to put together and I could stitch em up during my weekly break for project runway.  I used a pattern for the animals out of a craft book.  I have so many craft books and have never used a pattern out of a single one of them.  I had to enlarge it three times on our crappy copy machine (though I shouldn’t talk badly about it lest it die, god knows it’s old enough) before I got the sizing right.  I think it would be fun to make them even bigger and make a big pig or horse to play with.   I’ll post more about it when it’s all done.

Chase had fun playing with a neighbor today while I picked his mom’s brain about the best way to proceed with finishing the barn.  Apparently it’s more fun to play with toys when you have company.  The whole basket is dumped out.  And well of course you have to show your new shoose.  Chase outgrew her maryjanes so now she has a big ol pair of white kensigton-style sneakers that she adores.  She sat up in the chair while the guy fitted her and then hopped down to test them out.  She strutted down the aisle… and around the shoe display… and off toward the escalator.  She didn’t really grasp the just trying them out part.  I paid and she told the lady, no need to wrap em, I’ll wear em out of the store but I told Chase to be civilized and had that lady put them in a bag :)  Sometimes she forgets she has them on and sees them again as if for the first time and falls in love with her shoose all over again.  They’re so new they squeak when she walks.

I took a picture of our finished painting project.  There are a few needed touchups but the tape is down folks.  Ben’s going to die a little inside when he reads this but the new color in the hall makes me hate the old color in the dining room and kitchen.  I already have something in mind to replace it.  Heeee.


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